Kids books

Title: Exclaimation Mark
Authors: Amy Krouse Rosenthal & Tom Lichtenheld
Ages: Kindergarten
Stars: 5*
Purchase: Amazon

I highly recommend this book for your youngins. As a mom, reading this to my son, allowed him to know the job of an exclaimation mark. And, you, yourself being the exclaimation mark. It shares with you alittle about how important YOU are.

Young Adult Books

Stars: 5*
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[*CAUTION: Spoiler Alert!] This is one of the books that I wish, hope, and dream that Nicholas Sparks' makes into a movie. Welp, this book is about a passionate photographer that travelled the world simply taking photos. She was a part owner of a art gallery that was located in New York.

Maggie, this successful photographer, was living the dream. She did was she was most passionate about. But stopped by a woman, a dermatologist I think she was, told her that she should go and get something on her body that looked abnormal, checked out. Of course, coming from a random stranger, Maggie was skeptical. But she went anyways. Comes to find out her fate.

What I loved about this book is that I am like Maggie. Although I don't have cancer, I am very passionate about photography. I live/love/breathe photography. I am always taking photos, like Maggie did. She even opened up her own gallery to showcase such beauty. But for me, my dream is to open up a photo studio. I have been wanting to do that since I started taking photos when I was 7 and my mom bought my first camera (polaroid camera).

Purchase: Amazon
Stars: 5*

[*CAUTION: Spoiler alert!] I love me a good ol' romance novel. I can't even tell you how much I fell in love with this book. And, I fell even MORE in love when the movie came out. I'm a BIG Nicholas Sparks' fan! I've read most of his books. And, this was by far one of my favorites! This story is told through the eyes of Noah, Allie's husband. Noah and Allie's love story is what we all hope to be able to say this can be us!

When Noah met Allie. Noah met Allie through a mutural friend at the carnival. Noah literally fell in love at first sight. Allie was playing hard to get at first, until she finally gave in to Noah. And when she did, they spent everyday together. Allie's parents didn't like the lifestyle for which was Noah's. He was of a lower class than Allie's parents and didn't make much. So, Allie's parents didn't like Noah. Except, she chose Noah.

Noah and Allie ended up breaking up and being split apart. In that time, Noah enlisted in the Army with his buddy. Never forgetting about Allie. They had made promises about the broken down house they made love in. While Allie was moving on with her life, she became a nurse taking care of a patient that she ended up almost marrying.

While Allie was fitting for her wedding dress and her mom came in to read the paper for her because the highlights of the paper was their wedding being the big event of the season. Not realizing below that was the house at which Noah and Allie had dreamed about with Noah standing in front of the house he rebuilt (with Allie in mind and heart).

Sooner rather than later, Allie took off to see Noah before she gets married. She ended up falling back in love with Noah. And, broke up her engagement. Not realizing all along her mom was living the dream she prevented her daughter from dreaming. Her mom fell in love with a guy that wasn't as lucky class as her family was. And, she drove Allie to the spot where her love works.

In Allie's older age, she lived in a long term care facility where Noah moved with her. Allie had dementia and forgot all about things. Noah didn't give up though. So he would continuously read "their love story" to her in hopes she will come back.