The Summer I Turned Pretty

Date: Aloha Fri, June 17, 2022 | 1633
Watching: The Summer I Turned Pretty | Amazon Prime Video

OMG! The cutest series I've seen in awhile. The Summer I Turned Pretty is based on a novel by Jenny Han. Of course I knew I'd loved it because this book is also written by the wonderful lady that made To All The Boys I've Loved Before. Another favorite books I've loved! I can rewatch the series over and over. Thank GOD that this is a series. I can't just fall in love with one movie/book. Thank GOD.

Today hubbie called me with the best news.

Today one of my best friends asked me what I want to be called for grandma. We're thinking Mimi, Lola, Gema, ... and I'm straight up thinking gramma. Rip the bandage!

Lately I have been having trouble sleeping. I'm not sure what it is that's been bothering me but it almost feels like someone is waking up me. Nudging me. Not waking me in like I can hear a name or someone call my name - it's an actual nudge. I'm not sure what's happening.

I'm about to attend my grandpa's funeral on the 22/23. Maybe it's the anxiety of attending the funeral in general. This grandpa that passed away is my mom's dad's brother (my papa Rudy). I'm anxious to visit Maui because I've been on terms with my mom's sister that plucked her off my family tree. And so, I don't want to see her. I'm not ready. Call me immature but I just don't talk to her for my sanity. I'm moving on.

Be blessed.

Recovery session

Date: Thurs, June 2nd 2022 | 1533
Watching: Coyote Ugly | Tubi

I love this movie Coyote Ugly. I can watch this over and over. Thankfully I have found it for free on Tubi.

So, I had my tubal ligation aka tying my tubes, surgery on Tuesday (05/31). I'm day 2 of recovery and I'm feeling 50% sore. I was crazily sore these past couple of days. I have three incisions two under my belly and one under my belly button. The bottom of my belly ones don't hurt as much as my belly button does. I have had similar surgeries when I had my gallbladder removal. I also got to remove both of my Nexplanon implants in my arms on both sides. The original reason why I had to get this surgery (before the decision to get my tubes tied) was because me and my OB couldn't find my [expired] implant in my right arm. And, because I was already going into the OR my surgeon asked me if I wanted to tie my tubes while I'm already in there. After a month, I decided to finally get 100% sterile, plus remove both my expired and active Nexplanon implants.

How do I feel about the tubal ligation? When I initially was asked to do it... a little part of me was about 85% certain that this was a good idea. I'm not the healthiest horse. And, I'm about to be a gramma. It's our kids time to have our grandbabies (well, not my birth kids - they're too young. But my stepdaughter is old enough.) But I'm not mourning that my bakery is 100% closed for good. It hurts alittle. But I think it's the best decision I could've made for my ownself, and my health.

Work has been insane. We're some kind of crazy right now on the 3rd floor. I'm not sure what it is right now. I know COVID cases here on Kaua'i has been crazy high. And, everyone ain't even talking about it. We have been during our morning meetings. But out in the public no one is expressing how this is severly impacting us here on Kaua'i.

Anyways, be blessed and stay safe.

Good Friday

Date: Friday, April 15th, 2022 | 0600
Watching: Star Girl | Disney+

Star Girl

I'm currently sitting here watching Star Girl. I really like this movie. I have seen this before and it just tickles my fancy.

Anyways, I just wanted to come and blog because it has been forever long since I've done so. I have some coding and editing to do on my pages. But first, I did some planning to update all of my calendars. I have been crazy busy lately. I was off for the week though because I got hurt at work. Gosh, workers comp. But this time it wasn't my fault and I did have a witness. It's much easier with a witness.

With the work injury, it was because a patient kicked me in my chest. We tried to get her comfortable, this happened around 9:30P and it was bedtime for all our patients. Well, she's confused and aggitated. So, we tried to get her comfortable by putting pillows under her legs for comfort and safety because she was trying to climb out of bed. If she knew the pillow was there, MAYBE she would've stayed still. Not for long because she removed it.

Well, when my partner and I went to put the pillows I didn't even get to put 'em under her legs yet - and she kicked me like an angry horse. Right into the right side above my boob. Yeah, I was okay the first couple of hours by 11:30 I went to the ER. I couldn't breathe, I was having heart palpitations, and I was sweating. They were concerned because my blood pressure was high and my heart rate was 120's. Anyways, nothings fractured or broken - just bruised. And so was my ego.

So that's what I've been doing taking it easy. I am getting surgery done next week thursday (exactly 6 days). I'm kinda nervous. So, a few appointments ago - I went to see my OB for a routine pap smear (lady appointments). And, when I did that I didn't realize that it was time to change my Nexplanon implant. Well when I went to get it out the first time my OB couldn't feel it. So, he also ordered a ultrasound which she found. Well, he still couldn't find it. He then said I have to go do same day surgery with one of his other OB buddies. My favorite OB doc no longer does surgeries - he's retired (so happy for him; and no babies for me) but he does work in clinic.

--- ♥ --

We will see how that goes. Other than that, I'm good. Just wanted to blog alittle. Just a little. hahaha. Have a wonderful day.

Be blessed!

Successful 1st Week of orientation

Date: Tuesday, March 15, 2022 | 10:44PM
Watching: Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

I have to tell you guys something and this is coming from the very big part of my being. The first week was very intimidating to say the least. I'm sure that when I have my own group of patients it'll be much more my way versus hanging out with my leader aides like a leech. But I have come to the determination that I have genuinely found that I am where I want to be. Truly, I think I have finally found a place I belong.

The patients I have taken care of thus far, in the past two days being orientated on the floor doing direct patient care, has certainly opened my eyes and my heart. I feel really touched by some of these patients. Sitting there and talking with them - it's making me feel good to be there. I'm truly in my element.

When I mean it's lifechanging, it's lifechanging. You want so much for these patients to get better and go home. You want the best for everyone you encounter. And, I do believe that we're meant to actually meet these people - for a reason. Whatever it is, it's empowering. This job is hard, for sure, but like any clinical assistant job/CNA, it's hard. But, I really like who I work with.

I was nervous because my leader, who orientated me, left me alone on sunday. She knew that I oriented the day before - so she was more leaving me on my own because soon I will be on my own with my own group. I can't tell you how nervous I was. But sharing the group with her, as allowed for me to build alittle confidence.

I'm orienting night shifts this week. Ugh. I'm already dreading it. The daytime shift is so fast pace and I like it. Night time, you have more than 12 patients on your own. Although we do have more aides in the day time to be able to give more attention to patients.

My Nexplanon expired on the 4th. I'm kind of nervous because I did go for my annual (TMI, I'm sorry) today and they told me that I have to find my implant. There's one of two things that might happen: 1) he's gonna have them do an ultrasound and mark it, or 2) same day surgery. Yikes! Here we go again. But thankfully I checked online when I did to be sure when it expired. Holy shit, I won't get another implant until the 17th (Thursday). So, my favorite OB dr said that he will put another one in while we figure out the other one.

Anyways, I got my tetanus shot today and my arm hurts like shit balls. I'm closing for now. Always be blessed you guys!

Be blessed.

Virtual Orientation | Part Three

Date: Aloha Friday, March 11, 2022 | 3:03PM
Watching: Love is Color Blind

I am so exhausted already guys. Today I slept until I had to start my meeting. But luckily I was able to do it online and be home today. I slept late last night just because I was excited to stay home today. But anyways, yesterday I had to work at 0500. I only had to work for 8h versus my signed up 12h. I do work 12h this saturday and sunday. Ugh.

I've already had very interesting things at work yesterday. It'll be quite interesting this weekend because I'm actually doing direct patient care this weekend. I'm orientating so I'm only watching really. But I really am nervous.

I started to try and finish watching Love is Color Blind. I'll have to do a review on this. It's a filipino film.

On March 9, the Department of Education decided to allow our kids to be able to walk outdoors without a mask. They've lifted the mandate for mask wearing outside; but still remain mandated to wear them indoors (in classrooms, bathrooms, buses, and cafeterias). On March 25th, our state (Hawaii) is lifting it's mandate to wear a mask. We shall see how this is going to end up.

Truthfully, it makes mse nervous. But I think it's the only way we can move forward in life without having to go backwards. I think if I'm not mistaken; oh no wait, according to AARP, there's three states still holding up their mandates through the month of March. Come April, all states in the U.S will no longer have the mandate to wear face masks. Tomorrow, Washington and Oregon will be lifting their mandate and then on the 25th at 11:59PM is Hawaii. Interesting.

Of course, my job requires masks still because I work in the hospital. But I'm excited to not need to walk around in public without wearing a mask.

Our gas prices are ridiculous right now. We already have dipped into the $5 mark. It's $5.09/gal. regular in Lihu'e, Kaua'i. I can't believe it. We will be truly riding horse and buggy pretty soon. Luckily, my husband and I have jobs so that we can upkeep with gas. Jeez louise.

Hawaii is a very expensive state as it is. Today I went to Times Supermarket and spent almost $40 on only a few items. Food is getting crazy; and with gas too now. Jeez. Help me Lord. But, my stepdad always says you can't put a price tag on FOOD. That's the ONLY thing you should splurge on.

Anyways, I'll be busy this weekend. I'm resting for the rest of the day today and going to bed early tonight. My job tonight is just to make dinner. (=

Be blessed, always.

Virtual Orientation | Part Two

Date: Tuesday, 8 March 2022 | 7:46AM
Listening to: My fan's sounds

I'm officially finished with my first full day of corporation orientation. There was a lot of us yeswebsiteterday. At least over 45+ new hires in one meeting it was pretty neat. I'm super excited to be working with the company I am at. They have such a huge impact on our communities and families. But I won't post too much on that.

How are ya'll today? I'm feeling some type of way. I think I'm tired today. Not too much excessive work to be honest. But I'm off tomorrow with a ton of errands and appointments to partake in. I need to go grab my ID badge at work along with my parking pass. I have to go to the store for my daughter for some sheet protectors. And, I'm just all scatter brain today. You know when you know you have a lot to do and no enough time to do so? I'm working all day thursday starting at 0500 yo! I'm not even ready for this day, but lets do this!

My kids are on spring break starting monday. YO! I'm not prepared for that either. I'm not sure how that'll go.

I've been neglecting my website again. I ain't going to let that happen. That's kind of why I've decided to at least blog to let you guys know - I'm here doing something. I've just been incredibly busy.

Hubbs and I started to watch Pieces of Her a series on Netflix. It's alittle too slow for my liking. So, I started to watch Love is Colorblind my filipino dramas. I go there sometimes and indulge in it (= But, of course, we stopped that and started to watch Sorry to Bother You. Now that was a bit interesting for our taste but it was okay.

Hubbs and I have definitely intesting taste when it comes to show and movies. We've always been movie/tv buffs so we've always got something on and whether it be a repeat, or whatever, we still watching something. What have ya'll been watching?

Anyways, have a wonderful day. I may or may not come back to update.

So, always be blessed.

Virtual Orientation

Date: Monday, 7 March 2022 | 7:42AM
Listening: Richard Parker - Baby Why [Listen]

So, today is orientation. Interesting enough it's all virtual. Never in my wildest dreams I'd thought this would be a thing. But I think it's advanced more since Covid hit. I think many people don't realize the impact for which that has made us. Everything is virutal for me this week. Well 3 of 5 days this week. I'm off wednesday, but I have virutal things happening most of the week. Including today, I've waited over 4 weeks for my orientation you kind of lose hope after awhile. But here I am making it to orientation. There's a lot of people in here. I'm excited to see what today has in store.

So I went to the ER on Thursday (3/3). Guys I seriously thought that I was having my pancreatitis flare up again. The capacity of the pain is so intense it makes me buckle and I have to seriously go to the hospital. No amount of pain medication that I have at home can take that pain away. I think I went in about 12:50PM I got discharged at around 6PM. I was kind of funny, but I'm not sure if I should share this... the guy in the next room had conversations on his phone that went like this: (I'll name the person he was talking to braddah)
Him: I was rolling the garage door to get ready to leave to go sign my supervisoral positions paperwork at work. I went to manually close the garage door because it just doesn't close on manually and there's no knob. And as I was rolling the door, my finger got stuck and so I grabbed my finger off the floor and went into my truck. Asked my aunty where the ER was and drove over here with my arm up.
Braddah: Ouch, man. Well, I hope get better soon.
Him: Of course, I need the finger it gets the job done. You know for my only fans.

I swear, my student nurse who was trying to search for my vein and his proctor was laughing so hard. And, we could only chuckle because it's just funny and only us could understand. It was the highlight of my stay.

Anyway, they did their usual lab work and CT scan to see how pissed off my pancreas was. But instead of pancreatitis they found that it was cyst on my pancreas. I have to look more into it because it does mention that you don't always have it ruptures. But when it does, it's a medical emergency. The pancreatitis is scary enough. So, I'm afraid to eat anything because that morning hubby and I went to have breakfast. And, it was the onset of so much pain shortly afterwards. When you look up having an attack - the cause is unknown. So how am I suppose to know my triggers? All I did was eat breakfast. So I've been very careful about goes into my mouth because I'm afraid it'll trigger something. I'm just starting a new job. I can't be getting sick now. That's the first thing that came into mind because I was like oh no.... and, I literally slept all day friday (the next day) to ensure that I was ready for orientation today (monday).

As if I needed any more health problems to deal with. I've already been dealing with a lot with my pancreatitis, my migraines, diabetes, high blood pressure (this is recent), and some of my heart. I don't always feel my heart being funky, but I have had recent palpitations and it's been staying above 120 while resting. So that concerns me.

Anyways, let me get this day started. I'm just awaiting orientation to start. You should see every one just sitting and waiting for this to start. We all are staring at the screen like crazies. lol. We've been waiting for almost 25 minutes. It should start soon I think. Have a blessed day.

Be blessed.

F.R.I.E.N.D.S marathon

Date: Hump day Wednesday, 23 Feb 2022 | 1:50PM
Listening to: Junior Maile - When I'm Gone

I was listening to the radio this morning and a random question of the day came through Would you rather live in the future or would you want to go back in time instead? Truthfully, I'd love to go back in time. There's nothing I can say I truly regret about my life, but there's certain things I would've done differently. I lost my mom in 2012, that's 9 years ago. This year will be the biggest milestone I have ever had to experience. I have heard the TikTok sound where the guy @Christopher Claflin "Now I have to remember you longer than I knew you." Let that sink in for a little bit. People that always tell me with time things will get better. I can honestly tell you, if you told me that 9 years ago, I wouldn't believe you. But the one thing that I have grown to appreciate is that certainly - this has become my story. Losing my mom at such a young age, was/is my story. And, it's okay. Because her story was written for her as well.

Today was my health assessment for my new job. Guys! I can't tell you how super excited I am to get my butt to working there. I've waiting forever to get into the hospital. And this time, I did everything on my own. You know how friggin proud I am. It's weird, may it be my anxiety, insecurities, or just depression - I wasn't happy about finishing with the degree that I did. Guys! I got my bachelor of science in healthcare administration. To get my bachelors degree, is superb. But I still wasn't satisfied because I chose nursing. I'll get there. I'll still do it.

It's funny because my therapist was telling me - with nursing - it's always my thing. I wanted to finish nursing school because it was honoring my mom. All the sacrifice she's made for me even when her life wasn't sunshine and rainbows. Even my grandparents - they all wanted me to go to college. It's a true blessing for sure. So, my therapist mentioned that what if I used my degree that I got into and honor my mom another way? Through the eyes of healthcare administration. Yes, I want to "help" people - and that's what I know nursing would've given me (that successful feeling). I'll talk about it more in my post about college.

Anyways, I'm alittle upset with myself. My lifestyle is just not where I want it to be right now. My health journal has always been a big challenge for me. I'm now 12lbs heavier and my hemoglobin A1C is 2 points above from where I was. It's at 10% right now. That's not good. It should be below 5%. So, when I saw my weight on the scale today, I need change. I'm shaking my head and closing my eyes in such disappointment.

My bestie is doing IF (intermittent fasting). I was doing it for a bit and with days I am cheating. My fasting window is from 8PM - 12PM. Okay okay, I haven't been able to upkeep that 8PM. It drives me nuts. My best friends window of eating is 10AM - 7PM. That's probably more ideal but I'm sleeping. I don't like to be awake in the daytime (so vampire of me). So, I'm very unhealthy. I'm bothered by it.

I'm telling you during COVID - I've let everything go. I'm not blaming COVID, i'm blaming myself. People keep wanting to "blame" COVID for shit. But c'mon now. "Oh I blame COVID for gaining 20lbs." well who told you to eat that?

I have to get my ass out for walk again. I haven't gone in 9 days. Tomorrow makes 10 days. Last time I went was Valentines day and I did the 7.1 miles. Proudest moment in a long while.

Anyways, I'll get going. Post this and work on some stuff. Toodles.


Date: Sunday, 20 Feb 2022 | 2:08PM
Listening to: Pound 4 Pound - Gracie's Song

I am so damn excited to mention that I finally have my codes working which I have been trying to get to work for the past 7 months or so. I purchased this website in July of 2021 and I've been eager to get it going. Nothing was working for me so I'd stop for months at a time. I'd come to it until I got it working, finally. So, that's why I have been so eager to get it working.

I was telling my best friend, Shey, that this coding is giving me a headache. Truthfully, her and I was doing HTML coding back in high school and I mean it wasn't unicorns and rainbows back then but we learned it enough that we could function on that for a bit. But since then, remind you high school was a long time ago, lots of growth have happened in the web designing world. But we're back with a vengence.

sa I'm really excited for this website to blossom. Like on the left side (sidebar) I mentioned that I'm a mom, a wife, an amateur photographer, graphic designer, snailmailer, college graduate (c/o 2021), a CNA, a cooking mama, a christian, and a new gramma. So, that gives you a glimpse of what this whole website is about. I love music, too. So that's going to be a thing. I'm really excited.

I have two new semi-indoor kitties. Coraline is more so my girl's kitten. So, she's getting ready to move into her own studio (yes, my 14 has her own studio; on our property). Coraline is moving in with her. And our kitty, Meijas is also semi-indoors. He's still liking to be outside most time of the day. He comes in the house to snoop around, and then he goes back outside to sleep during the day. He waits for his dad (hubbie) to come inside and he comes, too. I love have indoor kitties. When we first started out with cats Sprinkles & Tiger use to be indoor cats. Until Tiger ripped the screen on my window because he wanted to go outside but didn't know how to go outside. You should see Meijas - he knows how to claw at the bottom of the front door and he comes inside. Then he just pushes his way through it. Meijas is just that smart. Then, Sprinkles became an outdoor kitty. Tiger ran away from home. And, Sprinkles became the neighborhood cat and one of my neighbors didn't like her - so she poisoned her. We found Sprinkles dead because she came home to die. I was devasted because she was my baby. We have since raised their babies. And, last month most except two kitties got spayed and neutered. So, I'm hoping for no more babies around here.

My girl, Mae, texted me yesterday about the baby. Oh my gosh, my peanut is growing so fast. I'm hoping that everything is truly okay. Mae's been truly stressing out and I don't want that for her. It makes me sad that she's enduring this so early on in her pregnancy. I told her not to stress so much because it's not good for the baby. But it's all medical stuff, and her job. Ugh! Her first prenatal appointment is on the day she has to work night shift and she can't call out. So I told her, call out. They can easily replace you. But the fact that this is for your baby, it's priority. Especially while they're still trying to figure out everything well for your pregnancy, you know?

I can't wait to become a gramma. Thank you, my Mae for making me a gramma.

I got the call on Friday about all the new appointments coming up next week. I have to do all the lab work for my new job. I'm super excited about this new chapter in my life. A new chapter, in general. With this new found silence from my mom's sister, my new job, my children's growth, everything.

I was talking with my sweetie Tee about her future goals. She needs to realize that she's about to approach college in a 5 year span. Less than actually. So, we talked about her moving away to the mainland. As much as I wanted her to stay with me forever. I want her to venture out into the world and experience all the things I really couldn't. I have absolutely no regrets but there's things I wish I had done slightly different. And one of those is actually live outside Hawai'i. You know? So, I live with a lot of woulda, coulda, shoulda's.

Anyways, I'm moving onto the rest of the pages of this website (= I deserve a break today, man.

I love y'all.